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Success Stories

Incredible Support

Sharon is an incredible teacher, encourager, support system for all things freelancing and digital marketing. She has helped me open my eyes to bigger opportunities and built my confidence in pursuing higher caliber clientele.

Sharon has such a talent in way of seeing the larger picture and coming up with ideas on how to solve problems. She is truly a "guru" when it comes to the digital world and is a very skilled marketer.

I highly recommend working with Sharon as a coach!

JO, Digital Marketer

Best Business Decision

Deciding to work with Sharon has been the best business decision! Before working with her, I was lost in my business and had little to no direction--I felt like I didnt know how to put all the pieces together.

Now, I know my niche and my target audience, I have a better understanding of how to price and value my services, I learned its ok to say no to clients who don't align with my niche, and I have more confidence in my abilities as a digital marketer.

Sharon has become my biggest cheerleader and goes above and beyond in her trainings to help those she is working with.

I highly recommend Sharon if you are looking to take your business to the next level!

TR, Digital Marketer


Working with Sharon has been amazing.

I've felt my perspective totally shift since having her as a coach. I see the value I bring and feel so much braver and more confident when it comes to talking about compensation.

Her guidance and encouragement is helping turn my hopes of what I wanted my business to be into a reality.

I'm so grateful for her help.

JG, Digital Marketer

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